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Studio location: Mikawachi, Nagasaki prefecture

The name “Hirado Tousyo” has been handed down for 13 generations by Fujimoto Gakuei's family since 1637 when the history of Mikawachi started as the production site of Hirado ware. While carrying on the inherited skills to make excellent porcelain ware, Fujimoto Gakuei and Eriko study methods and techniques of ceramics production to create the pieces that can represent contemporary Mikawachi ware.

Gokogama is Hirado Tousyo's tableware brand.

Fujimoto Gakuei

The 13th Hirado Tousyo



Born in Mikawachi

Studied throwing under Tazawa Daisuke

Studied sometsuke under Nakazato Tsunemitsu and Ikeda Kakujyu

Studied carving under Sugihara Ikko

Studied firing under Moji Shigeru

Studied methods for refining clays under Seki Hideya and Miyazaki Yoshiro

1995 Completed development of crystalline glazes
1996 Completed development of tenmoku (oil spot) with leaf design
1997 Succeeded in development of shinsha (copper red) and celadon with leaf design
1998 Completed development of coloured and glazes white underglaze shinsha
1999 Completed development of yohen (spangled) tenmoku glazes
2000 Completed development of yuriko (underglaze copper red) and tokako (peach bloom)
2001 Succeeded in development of yuriko application on celadon and yellow porcelain
2002 Completed development of underglaze coloured porcelain
2003 Started research on eggshell porcelain ware
2004 Worked on recreating refined clay fro eggshell porcelain
2005 Worked on developing throwing skills for eggshell porcelain
2006 Completed development of eggshell porcelain ware
2007 A set of eggshell cups and saucers was presented to the King and Queen of Sweden. Eggshell ware was also presented to Oe Kenzaburo (Nobel Prize laureate) at the University of Nagasaki.
2008 Revived the techniques of okiage (low relief) and rinzubori (lozenge pattern carving)
2009 Researched on Kameyama ware. A set of eggshell cups and saucers was presented to the Crown Prince of Japan twice.
2011 Researched on the Jingdezhen ware made in the period of the Ming Dynasty. Completed development of onjun ware (warm colour tinged porcelain)
2012 Gave lectures about official kilns at two universities in Taiwan

Fujimoto Eriko

Certified Traditional Craftsperson

First grade Certified Skilled Craftsperson

Painting specialist of Hirado Tousyo and Gokogama


1968 Born in Enaga, Mikawachi
1993 Started learning sometsuke (blue and white ⁄ underglaze cobalt) painting
1996 Received a prize in the Nagasaki Ceramics Competition
1998 Received a prize in the Mikawachi Ceramics Competition
2000 Became a painting specialist and designer at Gokogama
2001 Painted karako-e design in sometsuke on the presentation ware for the Emperor and Empress of Japan
2006 Worked on developing painting skills on eggshell porcelain ware
2007 Painted designs in sometsuke on a set of eggshell cups and saucers that was presented to the King and Queen of Sweden.
2008 Created ceramic mural paintings for the entrance of Nagasaki airport
2009 Researched on Kameyama ware
2011 Researched on underglaze cobalt painting methods of the Jingdezhen ware made in the period of the Ming Dynasty