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Hirado Tousyo

 Mikawachi was the home to Hirado ware, which is now called Mikawachi ware. (see also Ayatakado Field Trip to Mikawachi). The first Hirado Tousyo was appointed by the feudal lord of Hirado as a potter to establish the kilns to produce porcelain in Mikawachi in 1637. During the Edo period (1603-1868), the family created highly artistic porcelain wares ordered by the Hirado feudal administration. They have produced porcelain with high quality for generations. With his wife and a painter Eriko, Fujimoto Gakuei, the 13th generation of Hirado Tousyo, studies ceramics further to create even better pieces than the ones the predecessors in Mikawachi have created.
 Ayatakado interviews Fujimoto Gakuei and Eriko to ask them what inspires their creativity in the environment where tradition has lasted for 400 years.  

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