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Dimension (mm): 56 x 56

Height (mm): 98

Reference number: IMY0002

Created by: Isomura Yasuo

 This is a hexagonal-shaped porcelain incense burner with floral scroll design neatly painted using sometsuke (blue and white ⁄ underglaze blue) technique.

 The incense burner is made by slip casting.

 This small incense burner has three feet under the base of the body. Floral scroll patterns are painted in fine lines on all sides of the body and lid.

  Scroll (Karakusa in Japanese) is one of the popular classic patterns and has been widely used to decorate craftworks such as textile, lacquer ware, and ceramic ware since ancient times. Isomura Yasuo paints floral scroll designs and other classic patterns and motifs on porcelain vessels.

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6,600 yen (for international orders)
7,128 yen (including Japanese consumption tax for domestic orders)