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Ayatakado is a gateway to Japan's truly crafted ceramic artworks.

 Ayatakado is an online gallery focusing on Japanese ceramics categorized as art craft, or kogei in Japanse, which uses time-honoured production methods and techniques that require mastery of skills. Ayatakado highlights details about the artists, their backgrounds, concepts, production methods and environments as well as their artworks. Each artist has an introduction page that includes catalogue on which you can see images of his/her artworks with descriptions and links for an interview, profile and notes.

Ayatakado gallery

 Ayatakado introduces unique and artistic ceramic works. All the items on Ayatakado website are available for sale or made-to-order. International shipping from Japan is also available. Read more

Japanese art craft, or kogei

 Ayatakado uses ther term "art craft", or kogei in Japanese, to describe artworks created by using traditional production methods, techniques, materials and artists' skills cultivated through years of experiences. Even though they are in the form of craft objects, kogei expresses appreciation of beauty in elaboration and artistic qualities.

Expressions in modern age context

 While paying great respect to traditions, artists living today challenge them to create unconventional pieces. Contemporary creative activities expand the boundary, which defines new concept of kogei.

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